Academic print publications

Many publications may be viewed at Fran’s site.

  1. MARTIN. F. Dreams of Flight: Mobility and Gendered Subjectivity Among China’s Student Transmigrants, monograph under contract to Duke University Press (forthcoming).
  2. MARTIN, F. and Ana Dragojlovic, “Gender, Mobility Regimes, and Social Transformation in Asia,” in a special issue of the Journal of Intercultural Studies 40(3) co-edited by Dragojlovic and Martin (April 2019): 275-286.
  3. MARTIN. F. “Iphones and ‘African gangs’: everyday racism and ethnotransnational media in Melbourne’s Chinese student world.” In a special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies co-edited by Anita Harris, Koichi Iwabuchi, and Jessica Walton on “Everyday Multiculturalisms In and Across Asia.” Online first (Dec 24 2018) DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2018.1560110.
  4. MARTIN, F. “Overseas study as zone of suspension: Chinese students re-negotiating youth, gender, and intimacy,” in a special issue of the Journal of Intercultural Studies 39.6 co-edited by Shanthi Robertson, Yi’En Cheng, and Brenda Yeoh on “Mobile Aspirations: Youth Im/mobilities in the Asia-Pacific” (2018): 688-703.
  5. CHANG, S., C. GOMES and F. MARTIN “Navigating Online Down Under: International Students’ Digital Journeys in Australia,” in Brenda S. A. Yeoh and Catherine Gomes eds.,Transnational Migrations in the Asia-Pacific: Transformative Experiences in the Age of Digital Media, Rowman & Littlefield (2018), pp. 3-23.
  6. MARTIN, F. “Rethinking network capital: Hospitality work and parallel trading among Chinese students in Melbourne,” Mobilities 12.6 (2017): 890-907.
  7. MARTIN, F. “Mobile self-fashioning and gendered risk: Rethinking Chinese students’ motivations for overseas education,” Globalisation, Societies and Education 15.5 (2017): 706-720.
  8. MARTIN, F. “Media, Place, Sociality, and National Publics: Chinese International Students in Translocal Networks,” in Koichi Iwabuchi, Olivia Khoo and Daniel Black eds., Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia, London and New York: Rowman & Littlefield (2016), pp. 207-224.
  9. MARTIN, F., Chris Healy, Koichi Iwabuchi, Olivia Khoo, Claire Maree, Keren Yi & Audrey Yue. “Australia’s ‘Asian Century’: Time, Space and Public Culture”, in The Asia-Pacific Journal 13.6.5 (2015).
  10. MARTIN, F. and Fazal Rizvi. “Making Melbourne: Digital Connectivity and International Students’ Experience of Locality,” Media, Culture and Society 36.7 (2014): 1016-1031.
  11. MARTIN, F. “The Gender of Mobility: Chinese Women Students’ Self-Making through Transnational Education,” Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific 35 (2014).

Open access reports

  1. MARTIN, F., Can Qin, Caitlin Douglass, Megan Lim M, and Carol El-Hayek. Intimate attitudes, knowledges and practices: Chinese-speaking international students in Australia, The University of Melbourne and The Burnet Institute, Melbourne (June 2019).

Other publications

  1. MARTIN, F. “Why universities should invest more to support Chinese students,” forthcoming as part of the Disruptive Asia online series produced by Asia Society Australia (late 2019).
  2. MARTIN, F. 马嘉兰. 墨尔本的中国留学生与社交媒体的移动场景, (“Chinese International Students and Social Media’s Mobile Scene in Melbourne”) trans. Hao Yuman, 《热风学术网刊》(Refeng Academic Web Journal) no. 14 , (September 2019): 77-88.
  3. MARTIN. F. “How Chinese students exercise free speech abroad,” The Economist. Guest comment on the Open Futures debate on “Should the West worry about the threat to liberal values posed by China’s rise?” (June 11 2018).
  4. MARTIN, F. “Missed opportunities in the internationalised university,” The Interpreter (May 21 2018).
  5. MARTIN, F. “Overstating Chinese influence in Australian universities,” East Asia Forum (Nov 30 2017).
  6. MARTIN, F. “The Gendered Mobilities of Chinese Educational Transmigrants.” IIAS Newsletter 78 (Nov 2017).
  7. MARTIN, F. “Trading in the grey zone: Chinese students find innovative ways to make a living in Australia.” PopAnth (Mar 30 2017).
  8. MARTIN, F. “Overseas study as ‘escape route’ for young Chinese women.” China Policy Institute blog. University of Nottingham (Jun 22 2016).
  9. MARTIN, F. “Transnational dream, transnational practice: Tracking women students in Asia’s knowledge diasporas.” Extended review essay of Youna Kim, Transnational Migration, Media and Identity of Asian Women: Diasporic Daughters. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 14.3 (Sep 2013): 468-475.


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