Mobile Study Mobile Selves

Mobile Study / Mobile Selves is a multi-phase, longitudinal study of Chinese women students in Australian higher education, conducted by Prof Fran Martin and supported by a Future Fellowship (FT 140100222, 2015 – 2020) and a Discovery Projects grant (DP230100442, 2023 – 2026) from the Australian Research Council.

In recent years, large numbers of young women from China have chosen to study in Western nations including Australia. Motivated by desires to overcome gender discrimination in China’s labour market and to escape the neotraditionalist ideology that increasingly restricts women’s opportunities at home, significantly more Chinese women than men travel overseas for degrees. They typically do so during a formative period of their lives, between ages 18–24. This raises the question of how education mobility affects these women’s lives in the long term.

读新书《远走高飞之梦》的 中文介绍 《南方周末》 2022年4月9日

收听作者采访在《不合时宜》博客, ”远走高飞后,留学能给人带来自由吗?”, 2023年4月11日。

求学 / 自我求索 是一个多阶段、长期关注在澳洲大学留学的中国女学生的科研项目。该项目由Fran Martin (马嘉兰) 教授主持,澳大利亚国家级研究理事会未来研究员(FT140100222, 2015-2020)及科学发现项目(DP230100442, 2023-2026)出资。